Tasnim Baghdadi is an artist and designer who was born in Cologne, Germany and is currently based in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Her work is inspired by her interest for modern art, searching for a contemporary visual language in between the abstract and the figurative. Tasnim’s work deals with topics of body and space which she uses metaphorically and as a visual expoloration of lived realities through drawings on different media. For her, spaces and bodies are, especially since the digital age, interconnected and interwined, performed, constructed and deconstructed, never seperated nor isolated from another. The mainly two dimensional black drawings aim to transform both, body and space into a process of complex intersection and ambiguity.

The body of work is both, abstract and figurative, digital and analogue, personal and universal, intuitive and conceptual.

Tasnim studied Product Design in Venlo and Art History M.A. in Bonn. Her work was already on display in London, Chicago, Munich, Amsterdam, Cologne and Berlin.

In her artistic practice she centers the process of art making: Studies in sketchbooks are as relevant to her body of work as pieces on paper or canvas, showing a certain interconnectivity of themes, style and expressive technique. She combines a variety of media, including pen and ink, gouache, acrylic, linoleum cut printmaking, installation and digital to explore the possibilities of visual art making.

Besides her artistic focus, she also works as a freelance art director, creating visual concepts for editorials, networks and events as well as an art mediator for exhibitions (contact for pdf portfolio).


06/17 - 10/17: Art Mediator for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017 and participant for Koki Tanaka's project

Since 2016: Co-founder & art director of Nachbild - An artist collective consisting of video artist and photographer Elif Küçük, visual artist, illustrator and designer Tasnim Baghdadi and artist and illustrator Moshtari Hilal


Das Nachbild Kollektiv auf der q[lit]* clgn, Ausstellungsrezension

"Expressions of feminism from the arab and muslim diaspora" - for i-d Vice UK/Germany

Review on Feminisms x the Arab and Muslim Diaspora

"Meine Arbeit versucht, Lebensrealität in ihrer Komplexität zu bestärken" - Interview für Heinrich-Böll Stiftung

Artforum Review on Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

Femtastics Feature of Nachbild Kollektiv Collaboration

"Der weibliche Körper im Raum" - Feministische Accounts - Feature ze.tt


Since 2017: Member of Archiv - an Artist database and a quarterly fanzine that collects artists’ works in order to further make them available to young or alternative art spaces

Since 2017: Member of Women Who Draw - an open directory of female* professional Illustrators

Artist Residencies

12/14: "Act of Imagination"  - The role of the Arts in muslim communities - Artist in Residence Dec. 2014