TASNIM BAGHDADI (1988) is an artist who was born in Cologne and is currently based in Basel and Fribourg.

Her body of work is a visual exploration of spatiality and corporeality through abstraction. She combines a variety of media, including drawing and painting, printmaking, installation, photography and mixed media.

In Tasnim’s practice body and medium are transformed into a continuous process of creation, manifesting themselves in intuitive and conceptual as well as in pictorial and spatial ways. Works on paper, fabric or canvas reveal an ephemeral interplay of materiality, aesthetics and gestural technique.

She graduated in Art History M.A. at the University of Bonn and studied Product Design in Venlo . Her work was already on display in London, Chicago, Munich, Amsterdam, Cologne, Dubai, Berlin and Zurich. Besides her artistic focus, she also works as a freelance Art Director as well as a Lecturer and Art Educator.

Since 07/18 Art Educator at Fondation Beyeler - Coordination Workshops and Assistance Head Art Education

06/17 - 10/17 Art Mediator for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017 and participant for Koki Tanaka's Provisional Studies #7: "How to Live Together"

03/16 - 10/17 Freelance Art Mediator at LWL Museum for Art and Culture Münster

Since 2016 Co-founder & art director of Nachbild- An artist collective consisting of video artist and photographer Elif Küçük, visual artist, illustrator and designer Tasnim Baghdadi and artist and illustrator Moshtari Hilal

05/14 - 06/17 Research Assistant at the Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Münster

Since 2015 Freelance Lecturer, Art History of the MENASA Region at the University of Münster

Since 2014 Freelance Art Director and Designer