Photocredit: Lilian Scarlet

Photocredit: Lilian Scarlet

/ August 2017

Feminism(s) x The Muslim and Arab Diaspora group show at Protein Studios, London

/ May - June 2017

Group show "Atelier Identity" from 26th May - 14th June at Heinrich Böll Stiftung Berlin

/ December 2016

Participation in exhibit/sale: 9–10.12.16 Small format artworks to raise funds for the #refugeecrisis. Organised by klassethomas at ABK-Stuttgart

/ October 2016

Participation in a showcase together with Poetess Anja Saleh on the 26th of November in collaboration with Berlin based Lekker Collective in Amsterdam

/ September - October 2016

Group show during AusArten - AnderArt Festival Munich organized by Münchner Forum für Islam and the city of Munich, showing several drawings and studies from throughout the year 2016 and contribution at panel discussion

/ October 2014

Group show during Chicago Artist Month at the Silver Room"Moons, Mavens, Mermaids & Unicorns. A tale of the modern woman"

/ October 2013

Participation in the fellowship program of MOCAfellows 2013 and in the exhibition and live performances of the 6th International Art Festival MOCAfest 2013 during the 9th WIEF in Excel London